Fibre 500 Broadband

Up to 550Mbs download / 75Mbs upload

Fibre 500 Broadband
  • Fibre 500
  • Up to 550Mbs download
  • Up to 75Mbs upload
  • £86.99 per month (inc VAT)
  • WiFi 6 Router provided
  • 24 Month contract
  • Includes £12.50 Line rental
  • One Connection Fee of £50.00 on first bill

THE Broadband for the pickiest of you.

4k Streaming, Multiple devices working at the same time without experiencing any difficulties.

If we talk about “gaming”, when playing with your friends, it has never been easier, whether we are talking about pc’s or consoles.

Waiting all day for your game to download? A thing of the past. Download your games while streaming movies or shows. Let nothing slow you down.