Fibre 80 Broadband

Up to 80Mbs download / 20Mbs upload

Fibre 80 Broadband
  • Fibre 80 Broadband
  • Up to 80Mbs download
  • Up to 20Mbs upload
  • £65.50 per month (inc VAT)
  • WiFi 6 Router provided
  • 24 Month contract
  • Includes £12.50 Line rental
  • One Connection Fee of £50.00 on first bill

This opening level product although starts with the lower speed of 80/20, it is simply more efficient than the ADSL copper technology which delivers levels of under 40 megabits. With a fibre line connected you can upgrade to speeds of over 80 megabits when preferred.

This product is worth adding to your site to maximise the availability to the current occupiers and may support future owners if sold. A fibre optic cable can handle a much larger volume of data than a copper cable without degrading. Fibre optic it is therefore quicker than standard broadband, as the signal strength is less likely to fail with distance from the exchange, and speeds are maintained over greater distances. The network is expanding to a full fibre option for end users, this will enable the UK to update and equal other counties with flexible infrastructure to match demands.

This future proof connection to your home or business will enable the provider to increase broadband speeds without the need of a site visit.