Guaranteed FTTP 350 Broadband

Premium Guaranteed 350Mbs download / 50Mbs upload

Guaranteed FTTP 350 Broadband
  • Guaranteed FTTP 350
  • Premium Guaranteed 350Mbs download
  • Premium Guaranteed 50Mbs upload
  • £78.99 per month (inc VAT)
  • WiFi 6 Router provided
  • 24 Month contract
  • Includes £12.50 Line rental
  • One Connection Fee of £50.00 on first bill

You want the extra punch?

You need the comfort and stability of a guaranteed broadband speed?

Your tasks require a constant speed or output?

For just the extra £5 you get the Fibre 330 bumped to a 350 MB download speed and locked at those parameters.

You get the Fibre 330 experience plus the Extra 20mbs, with the promise of stable, guaranteed connection that will never go lower.